Life Registry...Prepare for the unexpected!

The Life Registry was created to help individuals cope with the almost insurmountable task of keeping their important documents and affairs in order, and securely in one location.

In a recent survey:

  • 94% of all respondents believed that having a detailed list of their assets and liabilities and the whereabouts of these documents was extremely important; and
  • 44% of those respondents wanted to complete it right away.

Floods, Fires, Earth Quakes,Tornadoes, Hurricanes, Medical Emergencies and many more disasters strike without warning and most of us are not prepared! Something we will get to later. That later only comes when it is too late. Life Registry changes all of that and gives you and your spouse peace of mind, especially when faced with unexpected events by consolidating important information and documentation all in one secure place so that you can provide you and your loved ones access to it at a moments notice.

And best of all it is FREE to become a member….don’t delay and register today.







Life Registry was designed to help you answer these  simple but critical questions.

¬†documentsIf you didn’t make it home tonight, does your spouse know where all of your important documents are?


If your home was involved in a fire, theft or natural disaster, would you be able to advise your insurance company about all your property and contents?


If you were involved in an accident or other medical emergency, would the doctors and emergency staff have access to your medical records?